Five use cases

In order to illustrate the feasibility and the potential of reusing data from several European countries, the project will run five use cases. Based on this experiment, the HealthData@EU Pilot will provide complete evaluation of the project and build recommendations for the European Commission about data standards, legal requirements, costs and economic model needed to scale up the tested network.

The five use cases of the HealthData@EU Pilot have been selected on the recommendation of the European Commission. They aim to demonstrate the feasibility and potential impact of exploiting health data in several countries for public health, research, innovation and healthcare system improvement. They will serve as a learning source for the creation of services at node and central service level.

The selected use cases encompass a wide range of research topics, including surveillance of antimicrobial resistance and the study of care pathways

Use case 1

Demonstrate the feasibility of using the EHDS to carry out infectious disease surveillance, focusing on antimicrobial resistance

Use case 2

Foster a better understanding of theĀ risks of thrombosis in COVID-19 patients

Use case 3

Compare COVID-19 testing, vaccination and hospitalisation between the general population and vulnerable subpopulations.

Use case 4

Compare care pathways for cardiometabolic diseases in European countries and build prediction models, using artificial intelligence

Use case 5

Mobilise and chain clinical and genomic data to enhance our understanding of colorectal cancer